Truman Hung

University of Toronto Computer Science 2022 | Software Developer at SAP

Me working in a lab before the pandemic (Cred to William)

Welcome to my in-progress showcase page!

At my current internship at SAP Vancouver, I learn to be versatile to support our customers in SAP Analytics Cloud by providing quality fixes and handling feature requests. Besides improving customer satisfaction, I automate regression tests to save 80+ hours of manual testing in multiple teams each wave. Also, eliminate flaky tests in CI pipelines by redefining clear boundaries, which improves testing result consistency by over 99%

I have completed my Computer Science Specialist program at the University of Toronto. Graduating very soon (early 2022 expected)

Invite your friends and family to watch videos together as if in the same room, virtually

Try it out with your friends now!

  • Accomplish by streaming playback state to overcome video quality issue resulted from one person plays video and stream it

  • Technologies: WebSocket, ReactJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB


A money-saving app that uses GAN (an ML framework) to generate tree figures

Best use of Google Cloud Award

Fact check with a click of an extension

A chrome extension for users to conveniently type in questions, highlight paragraphs, sentences, or words on their browser, and receive a fact check

A cloud SDC management system that simplifies the handling process of XML-formatted SDC for clinical research purposes

  • Developed components such as SDC form parser, response validator, sharing, user privileges, and forms management

  • Achieved 90% grade in CSC302H1

  • Technologies: Parsing, Mocha, Jest integration testing, React

Creates a tournament bracket with ease

  • A vanilla JS library that creates a bracket that represents a knockout tournament.

  • Achieved 87% grade in CSC309H1

  • Technologies: vanilla javascript, HTML, CSS


Connects and facilitates requests and offers at the right place, the right time during the pandemic

Demo unavailable due to licensing

  • Led front-end and launched a web app that connects and facilitates requests and offers at the right place, the right time

  • Successfully met alpha release target before transitioning to the partner organization in less than five months

  • Achieved 88% grade in CSC301H1

  • Technologies: Webpack, Beanstalk,, Flask, MongoDB, REST

Simulated operations that run underneath an automated teller machine using Java

  • Demonstrated concept of object-oriented programming and design principles such as SOLID as well as software design patterns.

  • Achieved 90% grade in CSC207H1

  • Technologies: Maven, Java, JavaFX

A place where colts can find all the useful information including cafe menu

  • Developed a progressive web app that provides a user-friendly platform to students and teachers at Richmond Secondary School

  • Over 1600 sessions within two months, and continued in service for the rest of the year

  • Technologies: leveraged Google Sheets as a backend consumed via JSON experimentally; HTML5, JS, JSON